Bethel United Methodist Church, 1836, Johnson County


According to the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church:  In the 1790’s, Rev. Francis Richard Flanders, a Methodist, married Nancy Jerdon, a Quaker.  They built a log cabin and began to hold services in their home, calling themselves “Quaker Methodists”.  Later services were held in a brush arbor.  Rev. Flanders and his brother were presumed killed by Indians. In 1836, the Flanders and Sumner families erected the present frame structure.  It is constructed of very wide boards put down with wooden pegs.  The benches constructed from the same wide boards also remain.

2 thoughts on “Bethel United Methodist Church, 1836, Johnson County

  1. Tina

    Do we know the history of this church, it is said that my 5th Great Grandfather was a Minister of this church, and was wondering where I could find some proof of this information.

  2. Mitch Flanders

    I remember going to this church as a child with my Granny and Grandaddy (Mr. and Mrs. John R Flanders). My father (T.D. Flanders) was christened here.


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