Wrightsville & Tennille Depot, Circa 1887, Wrightsville

This important shortline depot was restored by the community in the mid-1990s, and is now used by the local Chamber of Commerce.

It was updated with a coat of red paint sometime in 2015 or 2016.


4 thoughts on “Wrightsville & Tennille Depot, Circa 1887, Wrightsville

  1. Roger Baskin

    My grandfather, John Holmes Baskin, was the stationmaster in Wrightsville in the 1950’s (maybe late 1940’s) until mid-1960’s. I inherited the last pocket watch he used, a Hamilton Railway Special, 992B. He lived at the corner of Court and Kennedy Streets.

    1. Kathy Marnell

      Greeting, Mr. Baskin,
      My grandmother, Mary An n Spell lived directly behind your grandparents house. My mother and I lived with her. They were good neighbors. I knew your cousin Diane and another one of your relatives, Mrs. Virginia Byrd. Virginia visited us often. She was delightful company. Your grandmother took great pride in her beautiful yard. The last time I was there, the house and yard were run down. A shame-the house was beautiful inside and out. I live in Dunwoody
      GA. Mrs. Katherine Jo Richey Marnell.

      1. Roger Baskin

        Thank you for contacting me. I have lived in Jacksonville all of my life except the first two weeks when I was born in Pearson, Georgia while my mother, Maxine Baskin, was visiting her mother in 1948. My father, James Madison Baskin, was the only son of John and Laura Baskin, as you may recall. My dad worked for the railroad starting with the Jacksonville Terminal Company and with Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Coast Line after they merged. He retired from the railroad in Fitzgerald, Georgia and lived the rest of his life in Columbus, Georgia.
        Virginia, who we called Ginger, was one of two daughters born to J.H. Baskin by his first wife, the other being Dorothy, or Dot, as we called her. He then had the six children by Laura: Jane, Bett(y), Bessie, Tannis, Johnnie, and my dad. Jane is the only surviving member of the family. She is 94 and lives in East Point, GA.

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