Titan I Missile, Cordele

A relic of the Cold War, this Titan I Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) stands nearly 100 feet tall beside I-75 at Cordele. Local Rotary Club president John S. Pate, Jr., requested the surplus missile be dismantled and  flown to nearby Warner Robins Air Force Base. From there it was delivered by truck to its present site.  It was also given the dubious distinction of being named Confederate Air Force Launch Pad No. 1.



4 thoughts on “Titan I Missile, Cordele

  1. Alex Ezell

    When I was a kid traveling to Albany from up north, this “rocket” always let me know that we were almost home. It also used to be fully painted. It looks like they’ve let it fall into disrepair.


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