Agricultural Warehouse, Reynolds


This was recently used as the Steel Horse Music Hall & Barbecue, a performance space/restaurant. It was obviously a warehouse in its first incarnation; it sits beside the railroad line.



2 thoughts on “Agricultural Warehouse, Reynolds

  1. Heath Holly

    Interestingly enough, the old warehouse that was the “Steelhorse” is now the home to Community Fellowship- an active group of Christian Believers, where we hold services twice per week- Sundays at 10:30 am and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. Check us out on facebook- Community Fellowship Reynolds

  2. L. Victor McGoguj

    My uncle, Robert Harman of Unadilla, had a job that required him to travel to many of the towns in South Georgia. Sometimes he would take me on these trips. One of my favorites was to Reynolds and/or Butler, the town just beyond. The drive there was beautiful because we were up in the hills and you could see for miles ande it was pine woods and green everywhere you could see.


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