Behavior Cemetery, Circa 1805, Sapelo Island

The tabby sign notes that Behavior Cemetery was established around 1805.

From Sapelo’s People: A Long Walk Into Freedom,[William S. McFeely, W. W. Norton, 1994]: The graveyard is as irregularly plotted as were the hammocks once scattered over the island…And the uneasy grass is less level than the road under oaks and pines that takes you to the graveyard…

Behavior is an odd name for a cemetery, but it makes sense on Sapelo Island …And a visitor to the island doesn’t find it strange, either…Behavior, its grounds uneven and grass-choked, its stones akimbo…suggests life rather than death.

To see some examples of headstones, visit here.

National Register of Historic Places

4 thoughts on “Behavior Cemetery, Circa 1805, Sapelo Island

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