Hartley Farmhouse, Wheeler County

This photo was made in 2010. Thanks to Sue Outlaw for the identification. Her grandparents, Robert A. (Bob), Sr., and Annie Gertrude Wommack Hartley lived here at one time.



13 thoughts on “Hartley Farmhouse, Wheeler County

      1. Sue Outlaw

        Brian, my grandparents were Robert (Bob) A. Hartley, Sr. and Annie Gertrude Wommack Hartley. Several of us first cousins got together at my cousin’s home near the old home place just a few weeks ago. There are some family pictures on my FaceBook page. I have some pictures of us when we were growing up that were taken at the old house,but they are not on there. That’s a project I need to tackle!

      2. Brian Brown Post author

        Thanks, Sue. I will change the photo name to Hartley Farmhouse, if that works for you! I can only imagine the wonderful memories made in that old house!

    1. Joe Morris

      This Joe Morris grandson of Joseph S, Morris and Viola (Kinchen) Morris who owned the property just across from the Meyers Store. The home burned down awhile back after the Fulfords bought the property. My grandparents are buried at the Stuckey Baptist Church. I remember my Aunt Ruth Morris speaking of a young lady whose last name was Hartley who was her friend. This would have been in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

      Well, just want to introduce myself…its been a long time ago.

      Joe Morris

      1. Flo Bliss

        Hi Joe, It is good to hear Viola Morris still has relatives in the area. My grandmother purchased property from Viola in 1944. We are working on a survey and came across her name as the prior owner of our Pecan Field (across from Springhill Methodist Church). Love these old homesteads. Trying to keep ours up.
        Florence Ramsey Bliss

  1. dawn ashe

    i love the historic charm of this particular farmhouse!! i dont see whats rundown i see it in all its splendor…i see quaint country charm and whitewashed painting with rustic farm red accents..i see thriving flowerbeds and veggie garden..i see it cozy sunday afternoons on front porch on lazy late summer eves…i LOVE this house!!! i wish in could find who owns it and offer to fix it up!! i would love to do it just to do it…i feel a connection with this house i havent felt with the other houses ive seen i LOVE this site and all the old charm in these forgotten houses.

    1. Chandra Cox

      This looks just like my great great grandfathers house…Do you happed to know the Coordinates for the location? or know if there was a Cemetery nearby? This is a great pic!!!

      1. Joseph R Moirris

        The Community was Stuckey, Wheeler County, Georgia (just 4 miles west of Glenwood on Hwy 30 ((old 280). I believe the home would be located on the southside of Hwy 30 heading south on Stuckey Church Road (126) and would be on the East (left) on Hwy 126. My grandparents on the property just across from the Meyers Store on Hwy 64 (but has been sold to the Fulford’a and I believe the son is living on the property in what used to be the Pecan grove in the “V: between Hwy 30 and Hwy 64 at the cross roads of HWYS 30; 64; AND 126. I would have check, but I think the Hartley’s are buried in the Stuckey Baptist Church Cemetery. Most of the old timers were buried here. Hope this helps.

        Joe Morris – Grandson Joseph solomon Morris
        Father: Joseph Alton Morris and Grandfather: Joseph Solomon Morris & Viola August (Kinchen) Morris.

  2. Benny

    Such a beautiful old house. It’s kinda sad to think about all of the Thanksgivings, Christmas’, birthdays and other occasions spent in that house and now only silence.


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