Historic Savannah Theatre, 1948

Historic Savannah Theatre Savannah GA Marquee Oldest Continually Operating in United States Art Deco Remodel 1948 Picture Image Photo © Brian Brown Vanishing Coastal Georgia USA 2013

Billed as the oldest continually operating theatre in the United States, the Savannah Theatre was founded in 1818 and the present structure, retaining traces of the original, was remodeled to its present Art Deco appearance after a fire in 1948. Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt, Lillian Russell, W. C. Fields, and Edwin Booth are among the many notables to have performed in this space over its history.

Savannah Historic District, National Historic Landmark



3 thoughts on “Historic Savannah Theatre, 1948

  1. Pat Gresley

    Good morning Brian,
    The Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia has been in continuous operation since 1809….they bill themselves as Americas oldest too. Check them out on the web.
    I wonder how many others use the same line….knowing that most people don’t know or care?
    Have a great day

      1. Pat Gresley

        Those old theaters are the best place to see a show or a movie. My girlfriend and I would rather see a show there, than at a new venue somewhere.
        It has become the big thing here in my area, north of Philadelphia, to restore the old theaters to their former beauty. There are a lot of small towns that souround the city and they all have or had a theater anchoring the center of town. Once these theaters are rebuilt…it seems to generate a huge amount of intrest in fixing up the rest of the local shops in the area.
        It makes for a really nice night out to go see a show at one of these places and then be able to walk around the rest of the town….in and out of cool shops and pubs.
        I think that you’d be able to do a whole project just on small town theaters….that would be fun for you to research. It would make a cool “Coffee Table” book.
        Have a good day


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