Southern Railway Depot, 1905, Odum


The first depot in Odum was built by the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad in 1888. (The area was first known as Haslam, and for a time as Satilla, for the nearby Little Satilla Creek, and finally came to be known as Odum, for pioneer settler Godfrey Odum, in 1880). After being destroyed by fire in 1904, it was replaced with this Southern Railway structure in 1905. In 1969, a Southern Railway official bought the depot and moved it to Jesup, where it remained for over 30 years. An effort to relocate it in Odum began in 1992 and with a Transportation Enhancement Grant and lots of community donations and enthusiasm, it was returned to its rightful home in 2002. I’m always amazed by what a little civic pride and love of place can do for a community; nearby Ludowici has recently decided not to save their old depot in any meaningful way, which is a shame. I hope they will find a way. Many others have taken the same path and it speaks to a the larger loss of cultural landmarks everywhere. They can’t be replaced.

4 thoughts on “Southern Railway Depot, 1905, Odum

  1. Thomas Brannen

    Actually Odum’s first name was “stop #5”. Also it was the Macon & Brunswick railroad before becoming Soithern then Norfolk Southern

  2. Phyllis Bowen

    I heard the story that the depot had been moved to Jesup by county workers and used as a storage shed for many years. Someone finally re-discovered it and identified it as the old Odum Depot at which point the interest was generated to move it back to Odum and restore it. It has become a local city museum and local events are held there. Odum is a small town but has a LOT of town pride and enthusiasm.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thanks for that story, Phyllis. Very interesting, and yes, Odum has a lot of local pride. I always enjoy my visits there, or just driving through on my way to Fitzgerald…

    2. Thomas Brannen

      Very true. It was found I Jesup and moved back to Odum for restoration. As the admin for Model Railroad and Railfans of Georgia I hope to have out first annual meeting here and give a few trainsets away to needing children this Christmas.


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