Jones Store & Barber Shop, Rockledge

Though this structure has been severely modified over the years, the original structure remains, with fanlight windows. Thanks to Frank Flanders III for the identification.


6 thoughts on “Jones Store & Barber Shop, Rockledge

  1. Pam Holmes

    Sadly several buildings in Rocklege including this one have become junk storage areas for whoever owns/rents them now. It bothers me to see these historical places looking almost like hoarder buildings. A few days ago when I passed through one of them looked a little better than it has for the past few years. Sure would be nice if somebody with respect for their historical value would buy them, restore them, & turn them into some type of business- maybe an antique business or something. Just a shame to see them in the state they are in now & ruins the looks of Rockledge.

  2. Suzanne Chafin Keene

    I grew up in Rockledge and I remember that Mr and Mrs Jones plus the sweetest people that on the store. After school we would get off the bus and go to Mr and Mrs Jones store to buy candy for a penny. We would walk up and down the road and gather up Coca-Cola bottles and trade them in for candy or drinks. Those were the good memories.

  3. Peggy Anderson

    I can easily imagine what this old store looked like when it was in operation. Had to be a neighborhood gathering place with lots of stories, ideas, and dreams. I would love to visit there now. I know I would have a great time. Brian, you have the knack for bringing things back to life. Thanks.


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