Jones Farmhouse, Tift County

Rear View

This pioneer log house was the first dwelling built on the historic Grady Jones farmstead.

Side View

It’s a good illustration of a “starter” home common among South Georgia farm families in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Front View



5 thoughts on “Jones Farmhouse, Tift County

  1. Ted Miguel

    If it were on my property ied make it my man cave . Its a pice of history and its not over yet . It could still be saved . I love to stop an look at these oldhouses.

  2. Francoise Fussell

    I would have liked to live in this house, in its younger days. I feel that it must have housed many families in a cozy and sturdy way. Maybe someone will have mercy on this structure and see fit to keep it from falling down.


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