Corinth Church, Jefferson County

Located near Waldens United Methodist Church, I long assumed this to be a schoolhouse due to its small size, but Shirley Mungo Brown writes: This building is located on our land close to Avera. My father -in-law said he went to church there occasionally as a young boy. He remembers them “washing feet” (which he didn’t understand at that time). This was circa 1917. It could have served as a school but not sure. There was an old pulpit in it years ago. My father in law said it was a church named Corinth. My husband’s family has always referred to it as Corinth Church.

I’m very grateful to Mrs. Brown for sharing this history.


1 thought on “Corinth Church, Jefferson County

  1. Wendell

    Hi Brian, am greatly impressed with the photos as well as the subject building and of course the site. Being from the flatwoods of S. Ga., any rolling, hilly terrain is appealing to me. Like the way the old building is built on the slope of the land. One end either on or close to ground level and the other being maybe 2-3 ft high makes for an interesting site placement so very uncommon here where we live. Thanks —- Great work


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