Bartow Cafe

This appears to have been an old store at one time, with remnants of gas pumps out front.


9 thoughts on “Bartow Cafe

  1. Nfutral

    We drove by today and the sign has been changed to “Railroad Cafe”. We drive by frequently and that is a recent development. We could not tell if it’s open but this seems like a good sign.

  2. William Warnock

    Hello, Brian. I am surprised to see Jefferson County being included in Vanishing South Georgia. I thought that it had previously been excluded. What changed?

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      I’m glad you asked. As I’m about to do a North Georgia project, I decided to expand South Georgia to follow the Fall Line. I’ll talk more about it an upcoming post. I hope you enjoyed the Jefferson County photos…

      1. William Warnock

        Oh yes, I enjoyed them very much, Brian. I lived in Jefferson County for nearly 10 years. In fact, I lived about 4 miles outside of Bartow, near the Johnson County line.

      2. William Warnock

        It is an interesting area. I very much enjoyed my time there. But there also seems to be a somewhat sinister undercurrent. Have you experienced any such ‘feelings’ in any of your travels around South Georgia? I felt this when I lived there (and in other areas of Southern Georgia, which is my beloved home) but I am even more aware of it now that I am far removed and am living up North.

  3. william Bascom Thomas

    hope to see more Bartow and surrounding area pics. The RR museum in Savannah has engines from the Wrightsville and Tennile RR that was established by Bartow family ( Thomas). Any pics of material inside Bartow Museum? Thanks

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      I didn’t get to go inside the museum as I didn’t know about the ‘by appointment’ policy at the time. I’ll definitely have to visit next time I’m there.


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