Mt. Hope Methodist Church, Circa 1840, Hancock County

This is located just north of Warthen. The grave houses of James M. Garland (31 March 1827-19 May 1912) & Mary E. Garland (10 September 1836-9 November 1888) are an important feature of the small cemetery.

Update: As of 2016, the grave houses have been removed.

5 thoughts on “Mt. Hope Methodist Church, Circa 1840, Hancock County

  1. Lisa Garrett Bonnell

    Thank you for these grave houses-any idea what the reason was for this practice? To protect or honor the graves? I have ancestors in Henry Co that had this over their family plot in the woods, and sadly, the wooden structure is long gone. I suppose the wood had become rotten through the ages.

  2. Timothy Davis

    It’s a shame they are gone; I am going to look for grave houses as I travel. Thanks for recording all this so beautifully.

  3. Timothy O. Davis

    Hi Brian,

    I have seen grave houses in North Georgia, and in North Carolina, but very few south of the mountains. Have you found many in south or central Georgia?


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