Elder Mill Covered Bridge, 1897, Oconee County

One of just 13 functional covered bridges remaining in Georgia, the Elder Mill bridge is all the more exceptional when you discover that it’s actually been moved and has remained in use.

Historic Marker Text: Built in 1897 by Nathaniel Richardson, this 99-foot-long bridge originally carried the Watkinsville-Athens Road over Calls Creek. It was moved here to Rose Creek in 1924 and the road was relocated to its present site. The nearby grist mill ceased operations in 1941. Constructed in the Town lattice design, the bridge’s web of planks crisscrossing at 45- to 60-degree angles are fastened with wooden pegs, or trunnels, at each intersection. It is one of the few covered bridges in Georgia continuing to carry traffic without underlying steel beams.

If you visit the bridge, make sure you drive across, pull over and walk down to beautiful Rose Creek. Views like this one are almost guaranteed, and it’s all free.

National Register of Historic Places


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