William M. Moore General Merchandise, Camak

These and a few other buildings on Railroad Street are all that remain of the commercial heart of Camak. The railroad still stops here, but the town’s heyday is long past.

2 thoughts on “William M. Moore General Merchandise, Camak

  1. Risa Stephanie Bear

    I knew Mr. Moore; he was tall, thin, and gentlemanly, and ran the store as a kind of hobby in his twilight years. It was indeed General Merchandise, much of which had been manufactured decades before, and you could still get high button shoes (!) or coal scuttles and such. It should have been a museum. He would roll his polished wooden ladder along a track to climb and get things for you; this would have been about 1959.

  2. Frances Albert

    My good friend John Edward Spence, now deceased was born in Warrenton but he lived at one time in Camak as did his grandmother, he would tell me stories of the railroad and his trips taking it, so I wanted to see for myself, yes the stores are dilapidated but I could still see the charm of bygone years and I truly enjoy myself each time I visit.


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