Jesup Drive-In Theater, 1948

jesup drive in theatre photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2014

Opened in 1948 by Ward Riggins, Sr., as the Family Drive-In, the Jesup Drive-In Theater is the oldest and one of just four remaining in the state of Georgia. It was briefly closed in the 1960s, reopened as the Jesup Twin Drive-In and has been going strong ever since. Today it’s owned by Ralph and Jamie Hickox, who have really improved it while keeping its nostalgic feel. It’s a real treasure for Southeast Georgia.

jesup drive in theatre theater movie wayne county ga marquee at night photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2014

7 thoughts on “Jesup Drive-In Theater, 1948

  1. Allan Cason

    Wonderful to see this place still in operation. Bet there are more than a few who remember going to the Dairy Ranch for thier unbeatable footlong hotdogs with special sauce, breaded french fries and then to the drive-in. Sad that the Hinesville drive-in is gone. Being a teenager back then wasn’t so bad.

  2. Deborah L Coleman

    I grew up in Jesup, and frequented the drive-in many Friday nights. The Cockfields owned it for a while in the 70’s, and Mrs. Cockfield was my English teacher in high school. An outstanding teacher she was. If I remember correctly, their son, Tim, had a part in the ownership of the theatre at one point. Not sure about that, though. It was 40 years ago. Many memories made at that drive-in, and not necessarily of the movies.

  3. nancy

    i remember passing that drive in on trips to see my grandparents. and am so happy that it is still open after all these years! what a treat for the community.


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