Powelton Baptist Church

This church was organized in the mid-1780s and the present structure has been expanded around a construction of 1822. The Georgia Historical Commission marker, placed in 1956, reads: The Powelton Baptist Church, first known as Powell’s Creek Church, was constituted July 1st, 1786, with 26 members, by the Rev. Silas Mercer, the Rev. John Harvey and the Rev. John Thomas. The Rev. Jesse Mercer became pastor of this church on February 4, 1797, and served in that capacity until late in 1825. During his ministry, 200 persons were baptized into the church. The General Committee of the Georgia Baptists was organized here in 1803; the Baptist State Convention was formed in this church in 1822, and its sessions were held here in 1823 and in 1832.Governor William Rabun was a distinguished member of Powelton Baptist Church, and served it as a Clerk and Chorister.

Another important link to its history is found on a marble tablet placed on the grounds by the Georgia Baptist Convention in 1950: “In this church on this site the General Baptist Association of Georgia was organized June 27, 1822, by messengers from the Georgia and Ocmulgee Associations, and certain other Baptists, including Adiel Sherwood, whose motion in the Sarepta Association called for organization of the General Association. Jesse Mercer was elected president and Jabez P. Marshall was elected secretary. Adiel Sherwood preached the sermon, Luke 3:4. Name changed to The Baptist Convention of the State of Georgia in 1827.”

2 thoughts on “Powelton Baptist Church

  1. Brad Scott

    I’d say that building is much later. It looks like 1890s to 1910s. It’s an adaptation of a common pattern of that era. Nice shots, though, and great history.

  2. danita rainwater deaton

    my paternal family are from powelton. growing up all of the atlanta family referred to powelton as the country. ( example. are you going to the country for homecoming ?) our homeplace was directly across the road from coopers grocery. aunts and uncles down the road , cousin up the road, when we visited everyone around would come and sit a spell and visit with the city folks. my grandparents W.P. a nd Ethel rocker rainwater had 8 children and 17 grandchildren. my cousins and i had many adventures in the country. i only wish that things today could be as easy going as they were in my childhood.


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