Waddelle Furniture Company, Pearson

Pearson GA Atkinson County Waddelles Furniture Company Building Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgai USA 2014

This empty storefront on U. S. Highway 82 is one of the most architecturally interesting in Pearson and should be preserved.

Pearson GA Atkinson County Waddelle Furniture Company Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Bill Musgrove writes: My Uncle, Os Morgan ran a barber shop right around the corner on Main street for over 50 years. It is still there but, I think it’s been turned into a store-front church. I remember going with my Papa (George Morgan) in the mule and wagon and helping him pick corn (by-hand) right down the road, right next to where the Huddle House is now. The good-old days. I love this website.

1 thought on “Waddelle Furniture Company, Pearson

  1. Mary McAdory

    I truly enjoy your posts. All my life, and I am old, I have loved good buildings and have felt sorry to see one abandoned or dilapidated. Especially, the pictures of old houses evoke the South of my childhood, when a trip to another state would lead you through the heart of the business section and through neighborhoods of these wonderful old buildings.

    “Thanks for the memories.”

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