A. D. Wiliams Lighthouse, Upson County

From Anne McDaniel, here’s a history of this curious landmark: “Mr. A. D. Williams was a peach farmer. We think he was the first peach farmer to ship peaches out of Georgia. He had no children and the people who worked for him were treated like family. He built a dance pavilion in the middle of the lake across from his home and once or twice a month would have picnics for the workers and they would dance until the wee hours. He enjoyed bowling and he had a two Lane bowling alley in his basement.
  In the back of his home were formal gardens which was his life’s passion. There was an open fireplace there. There is a glass peach mounted on it. The city of Yatesville recently tried to buy the peach but the family would not sell it to them. On the side of his house he built a small pond where the lighthouse was built. It was on the side of a huge playground and a three hole golf course. The lighthouse was built as a novelty for people to enjoy. He provided entertainment for not only his guests but their children. When he died, the house and all the property was left to a nephew and they moved from Florida to Yatesville. His daughter, Lisa Williams, won the Georgia Junior Miss title. They sold the house to a family and the property and the house is in complete disrepair. Such a shame that this once grand place is in such a mess.”

13 thoughts on “A. D. Wiliams Lighthouse, Upson County

  1. Sharon Kendall Bowman

    I went to Yatesville Elementary school and remember passing by this property. It was beautiful; I used to imagine parties around the Lake. It is sad to see the property now. Thanks for sharing the history. I had often wondered about the lighthouse.

  2. Wanda

    The A.D. Williams house was purchased and now being restored Aug 2020.
    A treasure and memory that was sleeping and waiting for someone
    to bring it back to life. A jewel in the community of Yatesville that was
    lost but now has a caregiver with hands putting life daily back carefully,
    not to disturb the beauty that has been hidden for decades. Wishing
    to gather historical photos and events that were held at this home,
    The garden area that had fountains, fireplace with the Peach carved
    to represent Georgia, shuffle board area that dates the time of fun and
    Families sharing time with others, Photo ops lost in time in someone’s
    Trunk or heart. Social events, dances, bar-b-ques, meetings of discus-
    ing changes of Georgia for agriculture growing for Georgia.

  3. Darlene

    My children recently inherited this property from their grandparents, Robert & Patricia Brown. It was a showpiece at one time. It is currently for sale & listed with FRC consultants. Contact Dan Roc mail@frcemail.com They are out of Macon.

  4. Kyle

    The two lane bowling alley is in the attic. I used to know the kids of the man who owns the home. Last I went in there was 2011. Such a waste they let it go but it has some nice bones to it then to be restored.

  5. Martha Barfield

    I know where this is. Maybe a call to Kimberly Kennedy could stir up some interest and she could do a piece on her daytime tv show. She is interested in all things and I know she would talk with you. (family girl who was raised at Rock Ranch)


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