William Culloden, Founder of Culloden

Though this headstone is almost unreadable, a brick wall erected beside it notes that it is the burial place, in 1823, of William Culloden, founder of the village that bears his name. Culloden was a Scottish Highlander who settled the area around 1780 and the setlement was named Cullodenville in his honor until it was incoporated in 1887 at which time the name was shortened to Culloden.

Culloden Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

3 thoughts on “William Culloden, Founder of Culloden

  1. John Eady Simmons Jr.

    William Culloden died about February of 1830. His will was made February of 1830 in Monroe County. He did not die in 1823. That is likely the date of the establishment of Cullodenville.

  2. Fred

    I have always wondered whether the locals use then Scottish pronunciation (roughly Cull – ah’ – dun) or if it’s more rural Georgian (like Culluh – den).


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