Abandoned House, Acree

Acree GA Dougherty Count Abandoned House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

12 thoughts on “Abandoned House, Acree

  1. Wendell Theus

    Hi Brian, This house looks almost like an old church. Really looks large. Great architecture too. Hope it is still there. Thanks

      1. Kim Towson

        I go by where this house stood everyday and yes, it did burn down. When I went by, it looked like maybe the owners had allowed the fire department to burn it. They did not appear to try to put it out. So sad. I liked the house. It had simple character.

      1. Brett Cochran

        The old jail is just across the scrap yard from the Shiba store. The scrap yard was the county school bus shop until about 10 years ago. Before that it was the courthouse square, as Isabella was previously the seat of Worth county. The square is still an ally more or less. The old jail is pretty much just ruins, and very overgrown now.

  2. Randall Barfield

    Acree is a village on the Worth-Dougherty County line so the house might be in Worth. It’s an east or west of the County Line Road situation.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      I believe this is on the Dougherty side Randall. But I can’t be sure. A friend’s mother lived nearby at one time. I just wish I’d gotten more photographs. Little remains there, though.


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