Concord Baptist Church, Jasper County

Organized in the early 1800s, Concord is one of the most historic churches in Jasper County. It has served both Baptist and Primitive Baptist congregations. Though I don’t believe it’s active today, it appears that it’s still in use for special events. It appears to be well-maintained.

The stacked stone pillars are an indicator of the structure’s age, but not a specific one. My guess is that the church dates to the late 1840s or just after the Civil War. I’d love to know more.

The slat-back pews are among the most unique I’ve seen in any church.

Concord Primitive Baptist Church Jasper County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing North Georgia USA 2015


1 thought on “Concord Baptist Church, Jasper County

  1. Ken Mann

    Concord PB Church is still active i believe, but is now located behind this building in a cinder block building. the old building was vancant for years but someone has fixed it up and repanted not sure who


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