Malcom’s Store, Malcoms Crossroads

Also known as Sowhatchet and sometimes identified on modern maps as Malcom’s Store, the Malcoms Crossroads community is one of the most idyllic places in Morgan County. Located between Rutledge and Bostwick, just past Fairplay, it’s as rooted in agriculture today as it was a century ago.


2 thoughts on “Malcom’s Store, Malcoms Crossroads

  1. Harold “Danny” B. Daniel jr.

    My uncle was Benny Malcom from Madison. He was a cotton farmer. My Dad; Harold Daniel was born in FairPlay. My grandfather at the time was a share cropper farmer as best as I can tell.

  2. Christine McCauley

    The Malcom Commissary has been restored! As has the Malcom House! And the barn is in great shape and is well taken care of by the landowner who also is the steward of the oldest structure in the crossroads, an 1820 log structure. visit for more info.


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