Hazel’s Cafe, Circa 1947, St. Simons Island

Hazel’s Cafe is as much a symbol of the island’s history as the lighthouse or Fort Frederica. Located in the historically Black South End comunity, Hazel’s was owned by Hazel and Thomas Floyd. Thomas, a direct descendant of Wanderer survivor Tom Floyd, was a veteran of World War II. He settled here with his wife shortly after World War II and soon thereafter they started this business, which would be a staple of St. Simons life until it closed in 1978. They lived in the house next door, which is still standing.

With new homes and condos dotting the island today, it’s a nice step back to a time when St. Simons, like all of the Georgia coast, was anchored by small but thriving communities who looked to family and friends as well as the rich coastal waters surrounding them for sustenance and survival. Hazel was known to go crabbing in season and bring back her catch for the night’s special of deviled crab. I’m sure they were legendary dishes in their time.


2 thoughts on “Hazel’s Cafe, Circa 1947, St. Simons Island

  1. Kay Larche

    This is my Favorite building in the “village “ and one I always show to visitors. After moving to SSI-last year I finally had opportunity to go inside and look around. (That had been on my wish list for many years of previous island visits) The present owner has kept it exactly as it was. Such a special place!

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