Hot Boiled Peanuts, Claxton

Hot Boiled Peanuts Roadside Vendor Claxton GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Hot boiled peanuts really are a sort of Southern caviar. If you don’t understand, you probably never will. But as any Southerner will tell you, we love ’em down here! Georgia leads the nation in peanut production, so there are plenty to go around. Roadside vendors like this one are a link to the past and no small town in South Georgia is worth its salt if it doesn’t have at least one. Amanda Jones Little says this seller “has the best in town” and nice produce, as well.



3 thoughts on “Hot Boiled Peanuts, Claxton

  1. PamP

    This gentleman is one of the kindest people you could ever know. I have stopped by to purchase veggies from him many times, and each time I pass by he waves and smiles a big neighborly smile. Good man with great produce. Stop by in Claxton Ga. at the corner of Hwy. 129 and Hwy. 280.

  2. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    “Get your Fresh Boiled Peanuts!” “Hot Fresh Boiled Peanuts!” I can clearly hear the calls in this old brain of mine. Growing up in the Wiregrass Country, most every farmer had his personal family patch. But the places they were best enjoyed were at the tobacco warehouses and the local livestock auction barns where the young “Peanut Boys” hawked their delicious treats. Attempting to pick up some change for a Saturday night movie or a nice Barlow pocket knife, these young kids were often colorful and persistent.
    In those days of the ’40s and ’50s, Valencia and the small oil packed Spanish peanut were the choices of most small growers. Many years a favorite of Americans, the legume evolved perhaps in Argentina but now is being grown over much of the temperate zones of the globe. Like clover, that is in the same family, peanut roots grow bacteria that supply nitrogen to the soil. Georgia is the peanut leader in the United States.
    An old song that was often sang by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War was called “Goober Peas”. It is a cute tune of the day. The tasty nut has been called many things including Goobers, Ground Nuts, Peanuts, Pendars, etc. In our Southern culture, peanuts have played a significant role. Often young folk organized peanut boiling parties where the participants met members of the opposite sex and enjoyed an afternoon playing games and hanging out. The Pendars were boiled in a big black cast iron yard pot with stick wood as fuel. The party was kind of smokey, but everybody had fun especially when you would spin the bottle and it luckily landed on your sweetheart. Then you got to take a walk down the road holding hands.
    Peanut sitting on a railroad track. His heart was all a flutter. Along came a Choo-Choo-train. Oh no! Peanut Butter.


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