St. Ignatius Episcopal Church, 1898, St. Simons Island

This lovely chapel is one of the most beautiful churches on St. Simons Island, like its mother church, Christ Church, Frederica. The following history comes from the Christ Church, Frederica website: St. Ignatius Church was built in 1886 for the former slaves on St. Simons Island. After a hurricane in 1898 it was rebuilt and rotated 90°. The wood has never been stained but it looks this way due to the process of aging. It was made with heart of pine and oak. The Altar rail is hand carved. The Lectern, the Bishop’s chair, Priest’s chair, and Baptismal font were all donated by Lovely Lane Chapel. The stained glass windows behind the Altar were made in Philadelphia by the Willet Company. The Hand depicts God the Father, the Lamb depicts God the Son, and the Dove depicts the Holy Spirit.

The candlesticks on the Altar were brought from England in 1858. The bell was installed in the 1980’s and is from the WWII Liberty Ship Henry Wynkoop. The reed organ was built circa 1900 and installed at Christ Church Frederica in 1933. The original hand pump is still intact. The pipes are merely decorative. For years, the windows in the Church were translucent, jalousie-panel glass. But beginning in the year 2000 ten new stained glass windows were designed by M.B. Keys, a parishioner of Christ Church Frederica, and made by the Wippell Company of Exeter, England. The Rt. Rev. Henry I. Louttit, Bishop of Georgia, blessed the new windows April 29, 2001.

The grounds here are beautiful and if you’re looking for a place for quite reflection, just pull into the parking lot and have a look around.

3 thoughts on “St. Ignatius Episcopal Church, 1898, St. Simons Island

  1. BW Wright

    The items were not donated by Lovely Lane Chapel Lovely Lane was St. James Episcopal. When St. James was deconsecrated as an Episcopal Church the items mentioned were moved from St. James to St. Ignatius. Please correct this article. B. W. Wright, member of Christ Church. St. Ignatius is the chapel of Christ Church.

  2. gdanny1

    I’m confused about the surface patina being “due to aging.” Surely this church has been painted?
    Whatever, it is a lovely edifice, and I’m so pleased for its upkeep and the beautiful grounds.


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