General Store, 1890s, Brooks County

I photographed this old country store, which sits beside a field on Troupville Road, in 2010. For five years I wondered about its identity and fate. Grant Mishoe wrote to say it was still owned by descendants of the family who built it and it’s still standing. From the late 1800s until it closed it sold dry goods and various sundries, from boots to jeans and feed to turpentine.

Several historic signs were still present. There was a thermometer for some sort of snake oil [i.e. quack medicine] for the kidneys, as well as insurance signs from the Southern Agriculturist and several for Dental Snuff.


4 thoughts on “General Store, 1890s, Brooks County

  1. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    Many of these old buildings are left with their front door ajar. Makes one feel a sense of abandonmen—a reality of vanishing South Georgia. Also, causes you to wonder who was the first person to walk through that door and who was the last. Too bad that we can’t magically recover a “video” that recorded all who over the many years traveled in and out. It would be a wonderful history of our human South Georgia story.


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