Gulf Station, 1930s, Midway

Grady White’s garage on US 17 in Midway stays busy, so I was glad to get a shot on a Sunday. I’ve been told it dates to the 1930s and wasn’t originally a Gulf station. There’s been one form or another of automotive service at this location for over 100 years. And for many years, the station was the place to obtain the key to historic Midway Congregational Church, located just across Old Sunbury Road from the station.

I can’t find a reference to the old station on the National Park Service’s nomination form for the Midway Historic District, but it probably wasn’t seen as an asset in 1973 when the form was compiled. Today, I believe it should be included in the historic district.


11 thoughts on “Gulf Station, 1930s, Midway

  1. Jen Faith White

    This exact service station is where my parents and I would stop each Christmas traveling between St Simons and Savannah (“Midway” between the two) to buy gas, borrow the ‘key’ to use the ‘facilities’ and get a cold coke! Seems like just yesterday! By the way, our last name is also White – from St Simons. My grandfather was Captain Benjamin Aspinwall White (1863 – 1931) He owned the Steamship Atlantic (same era as the Emmiline and Hessie.) Your station holds many good memories for me!

  2. Jane White-Chamberlain

    Brian, I would like to personally invite you to our families 40th anniversary celebration on September 1, 2018. There will be many stories shared by family and friends surrounding the business. Hope you can make it!

  3. David White

    Hey great story but the lead heading on the story says Grady Smith’s Garage when in the story it is Grady White’s Garage like in the original story.

    Thank you,

    David White – Grady’s brother

  4. Jane White-Chamberlain

    Thanks, Brian for the change! This place has been our family for many years. It began with my daddy, Grady L. White. Later, when he retired, my brothers took over. Now, my brother, Grady L. white, Jr. Is the sole owner. You mentioned the key to the old church; yes, my dad was the keeper of that key for many years so that visitors to Midway could visit the old church.
    Thanks for bringing back so many memories of this area of Midway!

      1. Brian Brown Post author

        Thanks! I didn’t mean to seem harsh, either! I just can’t believe as many times as I’ve taken photos of the station that I didn’t notice the sign! I live 30 miles away and am amazed by this place every time I drive by it! Thanks to your family for keeping this place so authentic. I hope it lasts forever.

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