Abandoned Bank, Norwood

This structure is located next door to the Norwood Post Office. It once served as the bank in Norwood.

An interesting bit of trivia about Norwood and the post office can be found on a nearby 1955 Georgia Historical Commission marker titled “The Original RFD”: In 1868 at Norwood six men along a five mile rural route hired Jerry Parsons*, a Negro who could not read, to deliver and collect mail at their homes each day except Sundays and holidays for his food and clothing. The postmaster at Norwood each morning arranged the mail in correct order and “Uncle Jerry” began his ten mile walk covering, in all, 3,110 miles. Sen. Thomas Watson, then a boy clerking for Hon. T.E. Massengale, observed this perfect plan for Rural Free Delivery. In February 1893, Sen. Watson, then in Congress, sponsored the bill creating Rural Free Delivery, copying “Uncle Jerry’s” R.F.D. in Norwood.

*-Regarding Jerry Parsons, it is a shame that the stories of men like this have been lost. I would love to hear from anyone who knows more about him.

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