Queen Anne Cottage, Sharon

This is located beside the Church of the Purification. I don’t know if it was ever associated with the church.

2 thoughts on “Queen Anne Cottage, Sharon

  1. neatnik2009

    The school was a boarding school for boys and a primary school for local boys and girls also.

    The effects of the boll weevil caused the population of Sharon and environs to dwindle in the 1920s.

  2. neatnik2009

    John Hanley, author of “The Archdiocese of Atlanta: A History” (2006), identifies the house as the former Sacred Heart Seminary for Boys (extand 1878-1945) and includes a photograph of the church and school when both buildings were in better condition on page 12. The house also functioned as a convent for a time. Sometimes the school was at the old church building (across the road and moved from its original site at Locust Grove). The nuns relocated to Washington, GA, when the school (encompassing grades 1-12) closed. From page 11: “The old church, built in 1821 at Locust Grove and relocated to Sharon in 1877, eventually appears to have been abandoned and disappeared sometime after 1922.)


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