Little Rock Church & Camp, Wheeler County

Little Rock Church Camp Ground Wheeler County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

I haven’t been able to locate any history about this site, as yet, but it’s a nice example of a “camp ground” where outdoor preaching and singing would have taken place. This one is a bit plainer than most, but a great survivor. Stephanie Miller writes, via Facebook: This is the old camp meeting arbor built according to the hand painted date behind the pulpit in 1904 (if my memory is correct)..I also found the date on the wall reads, “August 22, 1907.” Not sure if that was the first sermon, when it was built, or of another significance...My Grandmother used to talk about how her family would pack up their wagon with food for the week and go to the church for the meeting all week long. They would cook all their meals and stay on the grounds. Her Daddy would wear his overalls and white long-sleeve shirt. There is a small church near this today, and after all these years it is starting to finally show signs of decay. I noticed one of the corner posts looked to be leaning. I sure hope it is preserved. The old pews and tables for spreading out food are still under the arbor.

Little Rock Tabernacle Wheeler County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

These pavilions, sometimes called tabernacles, are much less common than they once were, but most congregations do their best to preserve them when possible.

Little Rock Church Campground Wheeler County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

I’m not sure what purpose the building to right of the church served, but it may have been a social hall.

Little Rock Church Wheeler County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

Thanks to Paul Wetherington for suggesting this location.


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6 responses to “Little Rock Church & Camp, Wheeler County

  1. Joe

    Rev William A Coleman (1849-1916) and his wife Martha Ann Couey are both buried here. William was the brother of my GGF Thomas W Coleman so I would like to find out more about this church and William. Since William is listed as “Rev” it’s possible that he was a minister here. William and his siblings were orphaned when their father Wright R Coleman died in Jan 1865 (their mother Hetty McLendon died in about 1858) and the siblings were sent to live with different families and were raised apart and no one in the family ever really knew much about my GGF’s siblings. Pls post or e-mail if you know anything.

  2. Sharon Roberson Dalton

    I lived across from the tabernacle for many years with my husband and where my first child was born. Every summer they would have church for a week and always the last day which would be Sunday we would always have a big lunch everyone would bring a covered dish . I went to church again for the last time a few years ago Rodney McCant was the last pastor that I know of was there.My husband is buried there along with his mother and alot more family members.

    • Joe

      Sara and Sarah,

      Is there any chance that you can get more names and dates and, if possible, pictures of the graves at Little Rock? There only three burials listed on Find a Grave but you can get an aerial view of Little Rock on Google Earth and there are clearly a lot more than three graves. If you can’t post to Find a Grave, contact me and I’ll post them

  3. Shawn Roberson

    I can remember going to camp meetings there as a very young child with my Granny and cousins. I remember the fresh woodchip smell. The woodchips were put down for the flooring at the camp meets. We would play in the tabernacle during the summer months. To many memories to type.
    The building to the right of the church is where the preacher would stay.
    We have most all of our family buried in the cemetery across the road.

  4. Sara Widener-Harper

    Wow, I live not far up the road and drive through here every day. My great-grandmother is buried there. Sure wish I knew more about it though. I don’t know any of our family that ever went there so wonder why that cemetery?

  5. vanne hanisch-godoy

    A nice piece of history. The white churches are lovely looking !!! Have you walked through the old church, and felt the people who used to go there??

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