W. R. Browning’s Store, Glenwood

The W. R. Browning property is a great example of a rural general store, and it’s relatively intact compared to most I’ve encountered in my travels. It even retains an outdoor shelter.

The window signage is particularly nice, especially this one, indicating that W. R. Browning was not only a shopkeeper but a lumberman, as well. I’m not a good genealogist, but I think some of the descendants of my great-great grandfather, George Franklin Browning, still live in this area. I hope to learn more about that.

The Stanback window decals are fading away, but they likely date to the 1930s or 1940s. Their survival is extraordinary. Stanback was advertised as a cure “for Headache & Neuralgia”. For those who don’t know, it’s a caffeine-based headache therapy similar to Goody’s & BC powders.

9 thoughts on “W. R. Browning’s Store, Glenwood

  1. Julie Bova

    I am a decent of the Browning family in Wheeler County Ga. Grandfather was Addison Clinton Browning and grandmother Callie Dona Browning. They are both buried at Shiloh Church and were members of the church and it is my understanding that they helped to build the church.

    1. Ben dooley

      When I was growing up in the 50’s, my cousins and I were often cared for by a never married aunt while both parents worked. Her breakfast every morning consisted of a coca-cola ( she called it a co-coler), Lucky Strike cigarette, a Heath Bar and a Stan-Back headache powder! Amazingly she survived into her late 80’s.

    2. Ben dooley

      Sorry for the double post…digital gremlins are at work, the first one disappeared as I was getting ready to post and I thought it had flown into the far cosmos!

  2. Kathy Bridges

    When I came to Glenwood in the early 70’s, Mr W R was one of the biggest loggers in the area…he was running two crews at that time, and had 6 log truck that stayed on the road…he died years ago…His wife has just passed in the last couple of years, she was in her 90’s…beside the store was a small apartment as well as one running the back side of the store, behind the store was a large old wagon barn…it had apartments on either side of the big doors and one upstairs, but I don’t remember anybody ever living in the top apartment…If you ever go back to Glenwood, you should look for Joni Browning Towns…she lives around the block from that store…Mr. WR was her daddy…she can tell you everything about it…


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