Georgian Motor Court, 1940s, Cordele

Jason Salter shared this history on 15 June 2010: This was built and owned by the Shearers. It was built in 1940. The owners lived in it for a time. The motel was opened in 1942. In the 50′s an office was built off to the side where it currently sits now. Another building was added too make larger rooms in 1950. In 1954 a house was built and the family moved into the house from the motel. In 1970 the land was sold to William and Inez Johnson. They operated the motel until 1982 and then it closed. Interstate 75 came through and businesses lost out to traffic there.

Ritch McCutchen writes, via Facebook: I bought the farm from the estate of Palmer Greene who had a lengthy career as a politician. He was the tax collector here for many years followed by service as a state representative then as a state senator. He sold the motel site to Mr. Shearer. Mr Shearer’s estate sold it to William Johnson a retired rural postman.


3 thoughts on “Georgian Motor Court, 1940s, Cordele

  1. Larry Abercrombie

    This was definitely not built in 1940.
    More likely in 1950. My father built Cordele Motor Court c1945 and he convinced his friend C. C. Shearer to build this after he retired from First State Bank.

    1. Jason salter

      The first 2 rooms were built in 1942 and the rest of the rooms were built later. The motel was opened in 1947. I have a the original cigarette machine and the date of first inspection is 1947. My granddaddy got the history from Mr. Roobin they originally built and owned Roobins department store. He told him he remembers when the tree beside room 14 was planted when he was a boy. The tree is over 100 yrs. old. I know he got some of the dates wrong but the main thing is this motel has never been on a site like this and to be on the map again it’s incredible too me


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