Darien Motor Company, 1947

This has been remodeled and now serves as the Darien firehouse. Its Streamline Moderne architecture remains though the “tabby” walls have been replaced with stucco. O. C. Welch III notes that this was built in 1947 as Darien Motor Company. Melissa Stebbins Mundell writes: This building was built by my grandfather, Mose Edenfield, who served as the Mayor of Darien and as a Georgia State Senator. Sometime after his death in 1961, the dealership and building were purchased by my great-uncle, Clarence “Speed” Edenfield. It was next owned by O. C. Welch (a well-known car dealer in these parts). Dianne Parks notes that it was later Steve James Ford, Jack Nelson Ford, and Lilliston Ford. (These photographs were made in 2011).

3 thoughts on “Darien Motor Company, 1947

  1. Mary Ellen Stebbins

    Actually, this building was built by Mose (Jefferson Quincy) Edenfield, who was my great grandfather. Speed bought this building from his widow and his children after his death–likely around 1963. Mose died in 1961.

  2. Paul C. Nix

    Unfortunately, unaware of the architectural value and beauty of the building, someone in a position of authority decided to “remodel” the building and chose to stucco over all of the beautiful old Art Deco glass blocks.


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