Madison County Fair Ground, Comer

The Comer Lions Club has been organizing an old-fashioned county fair for 68 years. The Ferris wheel caught my eye when I was driving past; though no longer operational, it remains a symbol of the fair and a landmark in its own right. Originally a water wheel at another location in North Georgia, it was acquired in 1949 by Pinky Martin, owner of Comer Motor Company. With the help of mechanic Jeff Turner, it was converted by hand into a working Ferris wheel and was used until the early 1970s.

Nearly every county in Georgia once had a place like this but they’re quite rare today.

The property and structures are well-maintained.

Traditional exhibits like crafts and livestock remain highlights of the fair.

Popular musical acts also play here each year.

If you’re in the area in September, check them out. The Lions Club is a great non-political organization who not only do charitable work but also give back to their communities in tangible ways. Madison is a traditionally rural county and the fair is still the biggest event of the year.

2 thoughts on “Madison County Fair Ground, Comer

  1. Betty J Patrick

    I’m not sure if my comment was posted… Therefore I am reposting. My best friend in the world Jonnie Sue Wright family use to have their family reunion there at the campground . Would love to connect with some of the Wright family from Madison County so I could surprise her and reunite them for her birthday. My email is Thank you and may God bless.

  2. Rita F Denton

    I enjoyed the past two or three years that I have been going to the fair. I would like to know what the price is going to be for this year’s gate pass and wrist band price.


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