Dyer’s Store, Garland

Janis Fowler writes that this was originally Joseph Dyer’s Store and that the Garland community was originally known as Dyersville. She also notes that the post office was located here.

6 thoughts on “Dyer’s Store, Garland

  1. Jessie Souther

    My mother-in-law Monteen Abercrombie Souther when young would take eggs to Joe Dyer’s store and swap for other things. My great great grandfather David Adams and his wife Mary is buried in the cemetery and several family members.

      1. Janis Fowler

        Yes, it belonged to Joseph Dyer. It was also a post office at one time besides the merchandise and gas pump.

  2. Janis D Fowler

    In the early 1920s, this area was known by the locals as Dyersville and was run by Joe and Mary Dyer. It is east of Dahlonega, Georgia but is on the map as Garland. It has been run by many though the years and a favorite stop on the way in and out of Dahlonega, Georgia.


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