Fred Roberts Hotel, 1926, Dublin

Though Dublin’s economy was hit hard by the boll weevil and numerous bank closures in the 1920s [as was the whole country], the Chamber of Commerce sponsored the construction of this hotel in an attempt at recovery. Designed by architect C. W. Shieverton, it was known as one of the finest hotels in the region until its closure in the 1950s; by the 1980s its upper floors were abandoned and its future didn’t look good. In 2011 with the assistance of Dublin’s Downtown Development Authority, the Fred Roberts became the first mixed-used development in the city, with office, retail and residential facilities.

Dublin Commercial Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


2 thoughts on “Fred Roberts Hotel, 1926, Dublin

  1. Nell Graham Tiller

    So glad to see this and update! My grandfather, Buirtus graham was one of the carpenters in this hotel in the 1920’s. Thanks for the update! Nell g tiller


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