Eppinger-Lane House, 1821-23, Savannah

Built by James Eppinger (1790-1871) between 1821-23, this Federal style home was moved to its present location on Warren Square from West Perry Street. Eppinger later left Savannah for Pike County, in west central Georgia, and served as an attorney, Georgia legislator, and judge. He was the son of John Eppinger, Sr. (1765-1823), a brickmaker and bricklayer who built what may have been the first brick house in Savannah (a public house at 110 Oglethorpe Avenue built before 1764).

Peter Meldrim, who later became a judge, lived in this house as a youth during the Civil War. Judge Meldrim was later the owner of the iconic Green-Meldrim House, which served as General Sherman’s Savannah headquarters.

Photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston, no date, Historic American Buildings Survey, Courtesy Library of Congress

This view was likely made in the late 1930s, when the house was still located at West Perry Street. The front stairs and shortened chimneys are the only notable differences in its appearance.

Savannah Historic District, National Historic Landmark


1 thought on “Eppinger-Lane House, 1821-23, Savannah

  1. Carol Todd

    There was a still more senior John Eppinger, bricklayer, who was born in 1730 in Germany and died in Savannah in 1776. It was he who built the ca. 1765 public house.


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