Gabled-Ell House, Hartwell

1 thought on “Gabled-Ell House, Hartwell

  1. Daniel Carson

    I’ve just recently found this website. Thank you for the photos and for providing the history of these places. My maternal great-grandmother lived here when I was a child. A vivid memory I have of this house, in the hallway that ran the length of the house from the front door to back, there was a deep freezer that always had a freshly baked cake that set atop. It was usually a red velvet or peanut butter cake.

    I’ve also really enjoyed your South Georgia site. I have many friends in Waycross. One of which is Joe C……y that lives on Swamp Road. During my last visit, he brought me to the lake on Hamp Mizell Road. I too stopped to photograph the old homeplace on that road. Joe was raised on the swamp and now lives very close to Obediah’s Okefenokee. Joe has a wealth of knowledge of the swamp and families from the area, ie. Coxes, Tatums, Thrifts, etc.


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