Rice Town, Georgia

You won’t find Rice Town on any map, but it’s a settlement of many Rice family members and descendants on GA 79, east of Elberton. The Rice Garage looks like it may have also once had gas pumps and a country store.

5 thoughts on “Rice Town, Georgia

  1. Faye McCall

    I loved growing up in Rice Town, my daddy worked on a lot of cars in that garage and was loved by so many people!

  2. Susan Fernandez-Cox

    I live in Rice Town right across from Mr. Rice’s garage. My mother grew up just down Welcome Church Rd. I have very deep roots here and love living out here in “po’ dunk”, which is what our friends from the city call it.

  3. ameliaseymour

    I too enjoyed seeing Uncle Richard garage we had some good times down at Rice Town. My granddaddy own a home down there and we would spend the night with them!

  4. Nancy Rice Parker

    Loved seeing the picture of the garage that my Daddy owned and operated and yes, there was a country store and gas pumps. Thank you.


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