Ingram Homeplace, Circa 1890, Clay County

A marker at the gate indicates the Ingram family began farming this land around 1850.


6 thoughts on “Ingram Homeplace, Circa 1890, Clay County


    I think this is where my family were slaves and we got the name Ingram. This picture is very touching. I’m doing a lot of family research, and this is wonderful. Thank you for a possible family connection.

  2. Dan

    Thank you for going to Clay County!

    All my wife’s ancestral family is from the “Cotton Hill” area just north of Ft. Gaines.

      1. Dan

        We hope to get there someday, as many of her people are buried in several rural cemeteries in Clay and Randolph County.

        Thank you for the visuals only imagined in our dreams.

        You are appreciated from (very snowy) Minnesota!

      2. Brian Brown Post author

        Dan- I’m sorry I’ve not replied sooner, but I’m re-editing many posts on the website and came across your kind words. Thank you so much for looking, and I hope you and your wife make it down someday. I looked for the AME church you reference but had no luck finding it. I will continue to look.

      3. Dan Fogelson


        I ALWAYS love your photos from Clay County…that beautiful red soil!

        The address of the church and cemetery is 233 Pataula Park Road north of Ft. Gaines.

        All my best

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