Toll House, 1820s, Fort Gaines

It’s suggested that John Dill was the first owner of this structure, around 1820, and that it may have been a temporary meeting house for an early group of Methodists.

Later in that decade, John Sutlive purchased it for use as a toll house and traveler’s rest. With the busy bridge to Alabama situated just below the bluff, it would have been a very profitable enterprise for Sutlive.

The toll house has been moved slightly south of its original location, but the view of the Chattahoochee from the high bluff would have been about the same two hundred years ago,


3 thoughts on “Toll House, 1820s, Fort Gaines

  1. Lynn Lazere

    I so enjoy the pictures of an era gone bye. Can only imagine the histories of each place. If walls could talk!!!

  2. Sharon Rice

    Interesting history, I see the sign on property. Are there any plans for restoration. I like those floor boards. Seems larger than first photo makes it appear.

  3. neatnik2009

    This recent series of posts from Fort Gaines brings back memories. My father was the pastor of the United Methodist Church there in 2001-2003, and I wrote my Master’s thesis on public education and race relations from 1954 to 1980 in Fort Gaines. I recall taking walking tours of the town and visiting places such as the toll house.


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