J. E. Paulin House, 1900, Fort Gaines

Fort Gaines Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


7 thoughts on “J. E. Paulin House, 1900, Fort Gaines

  1. Albert S. killingsworth, Jr.

    My grandfather bought this home and gave it to my parents during the Great Depression. They occupied it much longer than any other occupants so far. Ken Penuel has done a magnificent job of buying himself a Georgia legacy. His efforts as a community leader have not gone unnoticed.

  2. Rebekah Paullin Johnson

    My great grand father built this house. Somewhere in my basement (here in Portland, OR!) I have an ancient 8×10 of the Paullin family on the steps of this house. I am very glad to know that it has been fully restored! Do you know who the current owners are?

    1. Marcia Killingsworth

      I’d love to see that photo. My paternal grandmother was Ida Lucille Paullin (Killingsworth), one of J.E. Paullin’s daughters. We don’t have many photos of the Paullins. Just Nana’s mom.

  3. Sharon Rice

    I appreciate the history from Ken. It’s a lovely home and I agree with Ben that restoration and maintenance of historic buildings shows respect for a heritage – “a beacon of hope”.

  4. ben dooley

    Wonderful house Brian. Isn’t it amazing how many beautifully designed and significant houses were built in so many small southern towns in the late 18th and early 19th century? These towns were obviously very much more affluent in those days than today. While it is sad to see so many great buildings fall into decay, well maintained and restored examples such as this and others you bring to our attention, are a beacon of hope!


    Built in 1900. Architect was George F. Barber of Knoxville, Tennessee. Was a plan in his 1900 mail order plan book. Completely restored in 2002-2003 by present owners.


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