Sutlive House, 1820, Fort Gaines

This is one of the oldest houses in Fort Gaines and aside from being enlarged and stylistic elements added, retains much of its original appearance.

Fort Gaines Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


7 thoughts on “Sutlive House, 1820, Fort Gaines

  1. Laurel Lee Cummings

    As I mentioned above, my Grandmother (Father’s side) was Hattie May (or Mae?) Sutlive. Her parents were James Sutlive and Harriett Wardlaw. I would love to know which house in Fort Gaines, GA was her birthplace.

  2. Laurel Lee Cummings

    By the 1940’s my Grandfather, Frederick Edward Cummings had been living in Atlanta for years (since 1911, I think). My Father, Winston Sutlive Cummings was born in Atlanta in 1912.

  3. Josephine Sutlive

    My name is Josephine L Sutlive. Mr deceased father
    was John L Sutlive. His grand father or great grandfather was one of the founders of Ft. Gaines.
    My sister Jane Sutlive Collins visited the Sutlive House and the museum several years ago. I am interested in knowing more of the Sutlive history as related to Ft. Gaines.

    1. Laurel Cummings

      I’m Laurel Lee Cummings. My Grandparents were Hattie May Sutlive, who was born in Fort Gaines, GA and Fred Edward Cummings, who was born in Grand Rapids, MI. They both died in Atlanta, GA.


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