Gabled-Ell House, Leary

While reviewing images for a manuscript, I came across this house in Leary and realized I’d never posted it before. The reason I’m posting it now is because on a recent trip I noticed it had been torn down. It was a large house, across from the Jordan houses.

The house was an elongated gabled-ell form.


4 thoughts on “Gabled-Ell House, Leary


    I passed through Leary a few weeks ago and noticed that it had been razed. I used it as a landmark/sight for tired eyes when I traveled that way for court. If only I had the money to save some of these old buiidings….

  2. Bryan Shaw

    I always am saddened any time I see a beautiful home being torn down. Especially when they have as much good structure still in place as this one. But of course there is now a valuable vacant lot in its place. I am sure there will be a crowd of buyers beating a path to purchase that vacant lot. Sarcasm intended.


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