Georgia Railroad Depot, Circa 1881, Sparta

The Georgia Railroad depot at Sparta has been in derelict condition for many years, but the roof has recently been replaced and I believe further renovations are on the drawing board.

It is very similar to other depots of the Georgia Railroad.

Sparta Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

6 thoughts on “Georgia Railroad Depot, Circa 1881, Sparta

  1. Deryl Weaver

    I understand Sistie Hudson was very involved in saving and restoring the Sparta Depot. Many thanks to her. It looks great. I have fond memories of the depot visiting inside when my father was working there.

      1. Deryl Weaver

        My father retired during the 1970’S so our fathers were possibly a generation apart. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Deryl Weaver

    My father worked at this depot when I grew up in Sparta. Mr. Henry Cook was Agent and my father was accountant. When the Sparta Depot closed, my father transferred to Decatur and later Milledgeville. My father graduated from two business colleges, one in Augusta and the other in Atlanta. Dear Mr. Cecil Cobb of Warthen was the agent in Milledgeville. He was always amazed watching my father operate the old manual calculator with such speed. My father always had a pencil behind his ear.


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