Queen Anne House, Circa 1907, Kite


2 thoughts on “Queen Anne House, Circa 1907, Kite

  1. amsmgoo@gmail.com

    Hello –

    This is Ann McCrickard in Boston, GA. I am reaching out to you behalf of the Boston Community Club which is hosting the 40th Annual Boston (GA) Mini-Marathon and Festival the last weekend in October, Friday and Saturday, Oct. 25-26. Boston, GA is the second largest Boston in the USA and we host a “mini-marathon” and festival (13.1 miles).

    Several folks have suggested that I contact you to join our “Literary Corner” on Saturday, Oct. 26. There is no fee for this and you can bring a selection of photographs to ‘show and sell’ that day. Vendor hours are 9 AM – 3 PM; if you cannot stay for the entire day, we ask only that you commit to being here for 2.5 hours, either AM or PM. If you commit to attend, you will be the only photographer exhibiting and you will join regional authors who will be displaying and selling their writings.

    You may wish to check us out at: http://www.bostonga.com click on events and follow prompts to Mini-Marathon. Once you may your decision, we will need a completed vendor form which can be on website or I can email.

    May we count on you?


    Ann McCrickard


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