Harris-Ramsey-Norris House, Circa 1860, Quitman

This Greek Revival cottage is said to be the oldest house in Quitman.

Quitman Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


2 thoughts on “Harris-Ramsey-Norris House, Circa 1860, Quitman

  1. Paula Boisseau

    Hi Brian: Great pictures of Quitman. I am Paula McLendon Boisseau in Sparks, Ga. The pictures in Sparks were great. The old bank building you photographed and spoke with Tom Skinner renovating the front has been completed. He has preserved as much of the building as possible. He has had the wood exterior things that were green painted with the original green color that was on the bank. The corner column marker from 1909 is still there. The front is his Gun and Ammo Shop with an indoor shooting range in the metal building addition. The back installation of the lanes is almost complete with a classroom for classes. My Dad worked for the bank from the mid 1950’s until he retired sometime in the late 80’s. I am working doing administrative work for him part-time. I am on the Centennial Committee for Cook County. Cook was originally part of Berrien. The Centennial Committee is sponsoring a “Salute to the Military” event on November 9th. There will be a vintage military vehicles parade from City Hall to the Park then the vehicles will be displayed at the Park at the corner of W Colquitt and College with the owners available for questions. There will be a posting of the colors and then a program honoring the Military. After the program there will be a trolley tour of historical sites and homes “Then and Now” throughout Sparks. There will be a narrator giving information about all the history of all the sites. The parade is to start at 10AM, then setup of the vehicles and the program. After the program approximately 11:30/12:00 the trolley tour will start from the First Baptist Church giving the history of the Church. The trolley ride will be approximately and hour then back to the Church. There may need to be two trolley tours. We are signing up people now. We would love to have you as a guest if you could fit into your schedule. We are excited about the tour. It has quite an undertaking getting all the historical information together for a handout. We plan highlighting both the white and black cemeteries as part of the tour. Again we would be delighted for you to visit Sparks again.

    Thank You for your time. Paula pmboisseau@gmail.com – 850-264-3617

    On Sat, Oct 12, 2019 at 2:20 PM Vanishing South Georgia Photographs by Brian Brown wrote:

    > Brian Brown posted: ” This Greek Revival cottage is said to be the oldest > houses in Quitman. Quitman Historic District, National Register of Historic > Places” >

  2. Tim Reisenwitz

    Thank you for posting the Harris-Ramsey-Norris House (c. 1860). I finished the restoration of this house in 2007. It is for sale and complete details of the property are included at historicproperties.com.


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