Watkins Mill, Matthews

Author: Brian Brown

Brian Brown is a documentary photographer, author, and historian who lives in Coastal Georgia.

5 thoughts on “Watkins Mill, Matthews”

  1. The Watkins Mill in Butts County, Jackson, Ga. is located between Macon and Atlanta on Hwy 42. I doubt that this mill house came from this area. The old building at Watkins Mill in Butts County more or less deteriorated to the ground. The area is now abandoned, overgrown, inaccessible and on private property. The Mill in Butts stopped operation in early teens or twenties. Definite date not known.

  2. Brian,. We are at Spring Lake till Wednesday. We are cooking tonight and have plenty of food if y’all want to come up.
    Hope you get this.
    Trying to find the email you sent me.

  3. According to Google Maps, Matthews is located in Jefferson County at the intersection of SR 88 and CR 329, between Wrens and Keysville. It’s about 30 miles SE of Augusta

  4. This is the only post that references where “Matthews” is. Most folks won’t even know where Butts County is; I don’t! Tell us the nearest bigger city, so we’ll have some kind of idea where in the world this is: e.g. Macon, Valdosta, Gainesville, etc. A larger reference point is always helpful.


    Rafe Semmes Savannah/Midway

    1. This Watkins Mill is in Matthews, Ga., Jefferson county. It is about 25 miles south of Augusta, Ga. I’m 49 years old and this building was in Matthews when I was a small child and it was there and looked old then.

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