Masonic Lodge, 1918, Midville

Midville Lodge 521 has served as the home to the local Masons for over a century. It is also used as the city hall.

3 thoughts on “Masonic Lodge, 1918, Midville

  1. gajoe42

    1918. Many new homes and building went up in small cotton belt towns in the years just before and during World War I, but the end of the war would see them left as monuments to the hopes of these small places, as they dissolved in the interwar years, left behind in the rush to the city, and to anywhere their was hope for a job, a living. Great photos, Brian.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      So true, Joe. It’s a sad history and the decline of so many of these little towns are reminders that awful time. Sadly, this history is scarcely known today, even more so among the people who live in these places.


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